Dates: 18th November, 2023
Venue: SETU Sports Hall, Waterford

Team (Results)

The best lifters over the weekend were:

Youth Athletes:

Jorja McNaughton (-55kg/Scotland) : 59kg/72kg – 131kg (200.876 Sinclair)

Rhys Deeley (-73kg/Scotland) : 97kg/132kg – 229kg (312.685 Sinclair)

Junior Athletes:

Charlotte Whalley (-59kg/Wales) : 72kg/93kg – 165kg (229.528 Sinclair)

Drew Burns (-96kg/Scotland) : 140kg/166kg – 306kg (357.605 Sinclair)

Senior Athletes:

Catrin Haf Jones (-59kg/Wales) : 82kg/105kg – 187kg (258.483 Sinclair)

Shane Roche (-96kg/Ireland) : 138kg/170kg – 308kg (363.726 Sinclair)

Firstly, congratulations and thanks to all the volunteers, referees, coaches who helped and most importantly the athletes who participated to make this event possible! As a result, we were able to train more officials, referees & loaders to help our organisation continue to grow & improve.