Rankings & Records – 2020 (Jan)

Our Ranking list and Records for all age brackets and weight categories have been updated. Ranking List Records NEW IRISH RECORDS: Marina Quigley (-59kg) : Snatch 60kg, C&J 77kg & Total 137kg. (YOUTH & JUNIOR RECORDS) Gillian Barry (-64kg) : Snatch 70kg, C&J 90kg, Total 160kg. (U23 RECORDS) Hannah Crymble (-59kg) : Snatch 77kg, C&J [...]

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European Qualification Entry Totals – 2020

Standards for ALL European Championships Events for 2020 have been agreed by the Board of Weightlifting Ireland. All details can be found below or on our "Forms" tab on the home page of our website. European Senior Championships - 2020 Entry Totals: ** ALL Totals have been increased by 4% from 2018 numbers. European [...]

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Technical Competition Rules & Regulations – 2019

Please see NEW Technical Competition Rules & Regulations (TCCR) for Weightlifting Ireland competitions/events. This document will be the template going forward for all competitions/events. These Weightlifting Ireland (W.I) TCRR are approved by the Weightlifting Ireland Board and are in effect from 1st August 2019 up to and until the board issue a revised set of [...]

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Disability Inclusion Policy – 2019

Our Mission:The mission of Weightlifting Ireland is to value the ability and individuality of people with disabilities by providing everyone with the opportunities they need to reach their full potential as participants within an inclusive ethos/culture. At Weightlifting Ireland, we will achieve disability inclusion by continually reviewing an approach that is implemented by the members, [...]

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Qualification Entry Totals – 2020

Standards for the Weightlifting Ireland National Senior Championships, 2020 have been agreed by the Board of Weightlifting Ireland. ** Qualification period: February 3rd, 2019 to December 31st, 2019. Entry Totals: Terms & Conditions: Athletes must meet or exceed these standards in competition in order to compete at the Weightlifting Ireland National Senior Championships 2020. All Weightlifting [...]

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Prizes for Youth Athletes | 2018

When we look at the ranking list for the Youth Athletes 2018 we must congratulate all the young athletes who competed in 2018 it was brilliant to see them all take to the platform and perform at their very best. The prize for our Winners in each of the Athlete Categories is Membership of Weightlifting [...]

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