WIS : “Active Participation” | (2024)

To finish, we'd like to celebrate all our female athletes, coaches & officials who contribute to our sport on a daily basis! Showing that female participation is at an all time high within the sport of weightlifting and within Weightlifting Ireland! 👏🏻 Last weekend we had the Munster Open Championships, hosted by Cork Weightlifting Club [...]

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Munster Open Championships – 2024 | Results

Date: 9th & 10th - March, 2024Venue: Cork Weightlifting Club - Female (Results) Male (Results) - The best lifters over the weekend were: Rachel Monaghan (-64kg/Scrabo Strength Weightlifting Club) : 75kg/96kg – 171kg (230.216 Sinclair) Shane Roche (-96kg/Cork Weightlifting Club) : 142kg/170kg – 312kg (370.464 Sinclair) - Firstly, congratulations and thanks to all the volunteers, [...]

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WIS MentHership Programme | (2024)

Weightlifting Ireland (WI) unite with Sport Ireland’s vision for women in sport; one where women have an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential, while enjoying a lifelong involvement in sport. Weightlifting Ireland endeavours to support Sport Ireland’s commitment to increase women’s sustained involvement in sport as coaches, volunteers, club members, athletes, officials, leaders, and [...]

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WIS : “Coaching & Officiating” | (2024)

Today we'd like to celebrate all our female coaches & officials who have contributed to the growth of our sport and the increase in female participation. 👏🏻 We'd like to highlight two in particular; Aoife O’Moore - Student Sport Ireland Women’s Coaching Academy Graduate, 2023 & Margaret Janos - Weightlifting Ireland 2024 representative on the [...]

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WIS : “Leadership & Governance” | (2024)

In 2019 Sport Ireland launched the Women in Sport Policy detailing the vision for Women in Sport: 'One where women have an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential while enjoying lifelong participation and involvement in sport'. By December 2023 all sporting organisations were required to have 40% female on their Boards. A snapshot of [...]

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WIS : “Visibility” | (2024)

"If we can't see her.... we can't be her" : Beáta Jung - Team Ireland Female Coach How it started.... I’ve been coaching for almost thirteen years now at this stage. I started with kids gymnastics when I was seventeen years old. In my twenties, I started to coach CrossFit & Weightlifting while I also [...]

WIS : “Visibility” | (2024)2024-03-05T18:40:40+00:00
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