Level 1. Assistant Coach to Club Coach Pathway


Olympic weightlifting movements and weight assisted exercises are an integral part of strength and conditioning programs in many sports. Due to the nature and complexity of these exercises both the theoretical and practical coaching competencies are essential elements within the delivery process to gain maximum results.


These courses are a result of Weightlifting Ireland implementing a standard coaching curriculum for all coaches. This is the first level of four available in the coaching curriculum. It is suitable for all fitness and sports coaches. The aim of level 1 is to provide Coaches with the ability to introduce participants to the sport of Weightlifting, the technique of the Clean and Jerk, the Snatch and associated exercises.


Level 1 “Assistant Coach” – Weightlifting for Fitness and Sport

  • 70 hours, comprising of a minimum 24 hours course contact time.
  • 30 hours internet lectures / course manual.
  • 16 hours Logbook procedures and practical coaching.
  • Sport Ireland On-line Anti-Doping Education Quiz.

Course contact time will be over a minimum of 3 days.

Level 1 “Club Coach” – Olympic Weightlifting Coach

This allows a coach to participate at Weightlifting Ireland competitions and coaching events.


  • Up to date membership.
  • Certificate from Sport Ireland Code of Ethics & Good Practice for Children’s sports course.
  • National Vetting completed through Weightlifting Ireland.
  • International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Rules & Regulations MCQ written test.

Entry requirements:

“Assistant Coach”

  • Participants should be 18 years or over, have a knowledge of weight training and a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
  • Weightlifting Ireland membership.

“Club Coach”

  • Following successful completion of the “Assistant Coach” course and a minimum of 6 months coaching practice.
  • Weightlifting Ireland membership.


A strong emphasis will be maintained on skill development with the enjoyment aspects of weights exercises. Involvement of coaches in practical coaching activities, (devising, demonstrating, observing, analysing, providing feedback) will be encouraged. Discussion, activity and the provision of core principles and frameworks will be utilised in order to promote the independence and adaptability of the coach from the outset.

Practical Coaching:

Course contact time will be 40% Lecture based. 60% Practical based.

Assessment Assistant Coach:

  1. Photograph / Video fault test.
  2. Practical Coaching test.
  3. Logbook and Reflective Learning Journal.
  4. Anti-Doping Education On-line Quiz

Course Fees and Certification:

Level 1 “Assistant Coach”

€350 (Including Yearly Membership with Weightlifting Ireland)

(Weightlifting Ireland with Sport Ireland Coaching Accreditation)

Level 1 “Club Coach”

No fee.

(Licensed Weightlifting Ireland Club Coach)

**Concession rates available for Weightlifting Ireland members and participating Universities and Colleges.

Contact [email protected] for further information and course dates.

Level 1 Coaching Outcomes:

  • Introduce the basic movements of the core lifts and assisted exercises to beginners.
  • Apply and correct basic weightlifting skills to ensure that each athlete has the opportunity for optimal learning and performance in a simple coaching environment.
  • Identify basic common faults in technique.
  • Develop and produce a 8 week training programme for a beginner or novice lifter.
  • Demonstrate coaching competencies relevant to a Level 1 Coach.

Level 1 Coaching Competencies:

Valuing Problem Solving Interaction Critical Thinking Leadership


  • Articulates his/her own values regarding a specific coaching situation.
  • Chooses a previously-taught, well-defined course of action in a simple coaching situation.
  • Provides a basic rationale for his/her choice of a course of action.

Problem Solving:

  • Solves a limited number of simple coaching problems posed in an environment where all the variables are under control.


  • Undertakes some reflection about his/her own ways of interacting and intervening with others.
  • Applies fundamental learning principles appropriate to the given coaching situation.
  • Communicates clearly a simple message.

Critical Thinking:

  • Recognizes the need to gather information and think about own experiences in order to assess their importance as a basis for taking future decisions and action.


  • Brings about a positive outcome to a simple coaching situation.
  • Has a positive influence on the behavior of individuals, groups or teams.
  • Works collaboratively with others.
  • Recognizes the efforts of others.

Level 1 “Assistant Coach” – Weightlifting for Fitness and Sport

Role: Plan, implement sessions for introducing the lifts to beginner athletes.

Provide basic coaching skills relevant to fundamental/early train to train stage. Demonstrate coaching competencies relevant to a Level 1 coach.

  • Planning, organising, assisting coaching and reviewing sessions fundamental/early learn to train stage)
  • Code of Ethics and Fair Play
  • Anti- Doping Certification
  • Theory Test
  • Practical Coaching Test

(70 + hours, 8-15 hours logged experience. Minimum 3 days contact time. To progress to Club Coach, a minimum of 6 months coaching).

Level 1 “Club Coach” – Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Role: Plan, implement and review sessions for novice athletes.

Provide basic coaching skills in line with the Federation National Competition standards.

  • Code of Ethics Certificate
  • *National Vetting
  • Sport Ireland Anti-Doping Protocol
  • IWF Rules and Regulations

(12 hours study + *3 hours coaching experience. Sport Ireland Code of Ethics)

*Coaches working with children.

Accreditation Advantages:

  1. Weightlifting Ireland Coach Accreditation.
  2. Sport Ireland Coaching Ireland Accreditation.
  3. Weightlifting Ireland Coaches Register.
  4. National Vetting Register.
  5. Registered on the Sport Ireland National Coaches Database.
  6. Opportunity to apply for the IWF Club Coach Certificate.
  7. Access to EWF Newsletters and Publications.
  8. Access to the National Coaching Forum.
  9. Access to the European Weightlifting Academy.
  10. Discounts for IWF and EWF Conferences / Workshops.
  11. Discounts on Equipment.