Weightlifting Ireland (WI) unite with Sport Ireland’s vision for women in sport; one where women have an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential, while enjoying a lifelong involvement in sport.

Weightlifting Ireland endeavours to support Sport Ireland’s commitment to increase women’s sustained involvement in sport as coaches, volunteers, club members, athletes, officials, leaders, and participants from grassroots to the podium.

The aim of the WIS MentHership Programme is to provide an opportunity for learning and to provide a support system around the female coach to develop and reach their coaching potential. Furthermore, the programme aims to provide supported opportunities for women and will provide an introduction to:

  • Leadership
  • International Coaching

For more information on this programme and how to apply, please follow the link : HERE

Members can nominate themselves for the WIS MentHership Programme, by submitting an email to [ [email protected] ] by EOD on 29th March 2024.