Sport Ireland approved an allocation of €30,000 to Weightlifting Ireland in 2023 to support our organisation. Towards Paris 2024 Olympic Games qualification and emerging talent. You can learn more about how the funding was allocated for our Paris Olympic hopefuls : HERE

After numerous applications for the additional €3,000 funding for “Emerging Potential Athletes“, the WI Board have selected four (4) athletes for the remaining funding. There are no long-term commitments associated with this funding.

  • Reserve for Emerging Potential Athletes : €3,000
  1. Shane Roche : €1,000
  2. Aoife O’Moore : €1,000
  3. Callum Quinn : €500
  4. Harrison McGrogan : €500

A message from the WI Board of Directors :

It is important to highlight that while Weightlifting may not currently be classified as a high-performance sport, Sport Ireland has shown its commitment to supporting our athletes.

These athletes have shown incredible dedication and hard work, and this funding is a testament to their talent and commitment to representing our country on the world stage. We want to extend our gratitude to Sport Ireland for believing in our athletes and recognising their potential. It is through this partnership and support that we can strive for excellence and achieve significant milestones in the world of weightlifting.

In closing, we wish these upcoming athlete’s – Shane Roche, Aoife O’ Moore, Callum Quinn and Harrison McGrogan, great success in all their endeavors.