Sport Ireland has approved an allocation of €30,000 to Weightlifting Ireland to support our organisation in its objectives towards Paris 2024 Olympic Games qualification.

This funding has been awarded following consideration of the Performance Plan submitted by Weightlifting Ireland on July 4th, 2023. It should be considered as a once-off arrangement with further engagement required in 2024 as the qualification pathway progresses. There are no long-term commitments associated with this funding.

Sport Ireland is in agreement with the Performance Plan and the athletes identified (4). Sport Ireland recommends the following allocations are consideration by Weightlifting Ireland:

  • Tham Nguyen / (49kg) : €15,000
    To support Tham Nguyen and her costs associated with qualification for Paris 2024.
  • Three Paris Potential Athletes : €12,000
  1. Hannah Crymble / (59kg) : €4,000
  2. Seán Brown / (89kg) : €4,000
  3. Gillian Barry / (71kg) : €4,000
  • Reserve for Emerging Potential Athletes : €3,000

A message from WI President Peter Carroll regarding the recent high performance funding:

We are thrilled to share exciting news with all of you at Weightlifting Ireland. It is with great pleasure that we announce the successful reception of funding from Sport Ireland to support our dedicated athletes on their qualification journey to the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

It is important to highlight that while Weightlifting may not currently be classified as a high-performance sport, Sport Ireland has shown its commitment to supporting our athletes through this qualification process. The level of support we have received has exceeded our expectations and we are immensely grateful for their confidence in our athletes and our organisation.

We are especially proud to announce that this marks the very first time that Weightlifting Ireland has received High Performance Funding from Sport Ireland. This funding, however, will not be a replacement for any support already provided by Weightlifting Ireland to the athletes mentioned above. We remain fully committed to standing by our athletes and supporting them throughout their qualification journey and beyond.

Our athletes have shown incredible dedication and hard work, and this funding is a testament to their talent and commitment to representing our country on the world stage. As we prepare for the upcoming competitions, we are filled with hope and anticipation for the success of these athletes. We want to extend our gratitude to Sport Ireland for believing in our athletes and recognising their potential. It is through this partnership and support that we can strive for excellence and achieve significant milestones in the world of weightlifting.

In closing, we wish our athletes, Tham Nguyen, Hannah Crymble, Gillian Barry, and Seán Brown, great success in all their endeavors. Their journey to the Olympic Games is a testament to their passion and perseverance, and we are proud to have them as representatives of Weightlifting Ireland.