Weightlifting Ireland are seeking expressions of interest from our qualified Level 1 Coaches to deliver our schools partnership programme to Transition Year (TY) students in 2023.

This programme was introduced in early 2022 as a Women in Sport (WIS) initiative, in conjunction with Sport Ireland (SI) and the Local Sports Partnerships (LSP). It is a six week practical course which offers the opportunity for students to learn about our sport and develop basic weightlifting movements/skills. We had great success in 2022 with schools in Tipperary and Wexford successfully completing the programme.

We would like to offer the programme to more areas and schools in the New Year.  In order to make preparations, we are seeking expressions of interest from qualified coaches to create a database of coach availability and locations throughout the country.

We currently have a school in Kilkenny who would like to deliver the programme to their 120 TY students, early this year. With this in mind, we would especially love to hear from Coaches in (or close to) this area.  Don’t worry if you cannot travel to Kilkenny, we would still love to hear from you for future partnerships.

Currently our funding for this project is for TY girls, but we believe we can offer the programme to all TY students if we have sufficient qualified coaches available.

If you would be interested in being part of the TY project, please complete the expression of interest form below – please remember that the projects will be delivered throughout the school day (9am – 4pm) : EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM

Expression of Interest Deadline : Sunday, 15th of January – 2023

Coaches will be reimbursed expenses for their time and travel, within reason.

Following receipt of the completed forms, we will be in contact regarding Coach CPD specific to the delivery of this programme. Don’t worry if you haven’t started on your coaching pathway just yet, details of our upcoming Level 1 Courses can be found on our coaching calendar (linked below):

For further information or if you have any questions please contact: [ [email protected] and/or [email protected] ]