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Eleiko Webinar  / (Mental Performance: The Missing Link in Your Physical Training)

Date: 3rd November – 2022

Time: (5pm – 6pm)

Venue: Online / (Eleiko Education)


Webinar Description:

When faced with a novel experience, a resilient person will respond effectively, actively coping with the stress of the situation, and then return to baseline quickly. This allows them to adapt more effectively in the future. If you want to recover optimally under distress, you need an enhanced awareness to shift to the appropriate response at the right time accurately.

This webinar will break down the pivotal “mindset pillars” you are missing in your current training routine. After understanding these pillars, you can actively refine how you interpret and respond to challenging tasks. Using our mindset pillars will give you strategies to apply during physical training that will create the confidence you need for taking on future challenges with an empowered mindset.

For further information please contact the WI Coaching Team : [ [email protected] ]

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