Our Ranking list and Records for all age brackets and weight categories have been updated.

Ranking List



Marina Quigley (-59kg) : Snatch 60kg, C&J 77kg & Total 137kg. (YOUTH & JUNIOR RECORDS)

Gillian Barry (-64kg) : Snatch 70kg, C&J 90kg, Total 160kg. (U23 RECORDS)

Hannah Crymble (-59kg) : Snatch 77kg, C&J 88kg & Total 165kg. (SENIOR RECORDS)

Luke Kelly (-96kg) : C&J 170kg & Total 303kg. (SENIOR RECORDS)

Aoife MacNeill (M35/-71kg) : Snatch 74kg, C&J 91kg & Total 165kg. (MASTERS RECORDS)

Kevin D’Arcy (M35/-89kg) : Snatch 116kg, C&J 147kg & Total 263kg. (MASTERS RECORDS)

If an athlete wishes to compete internationally and would like their result to be taken into consideration for records or ranking purposes one must contact – [email protected] before attending that said competition. The W.I. Board will then have the final say taking into consideration the level of the competition, referee standards etc.

Both Records & Ranking List will be updated after each competition and/or on a monthly bases. They can be found under the “Competitions” tab on the main page. We’d like to thank Billy Caball and Colm Brown for their fantastic work so we can finally share this information with the members.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact – [email protected]