Our Ranking list and Records for all age brackets and weight categories have been updated.

Ranking List



James Buggle (M45/-67kg) : Snatch 59kg

Peter Carroll (M50/-73kg): Snatch 63kg, C&J 87kg & Total 150kg

David Gorman (M35/-81kg): Snatch 88kg, C&J 117kg & Total 205kg

Colm Brown (M60/-81kg): Snatch 44kg, C&J 48kg & Total 92kg

Maurice Glover (M80+/-81kg): Snatch 37kg, C&J 47kg & Total 84kg

Brendan Cooke (M45/-89kg): Snatch 60kg, C&J 90kg & Total 150kg

Eoin O’Flaherty (M40/-96kg): Snatch 95kg & Total 216kg

Aiden Sheehan (M50/-96kg): C&J 110kg

James Peter O’Regan (M40/-102kg): Snatch 78kg, C&J 112kg & Total 190kg

Sergey Lyubin (M40/-109kg): Snatch 101kg, C&J 120kg & Total 221kg

Simon Hancock (M45/109kg+): Snatch 68kg, C&J 90kg & Total 158kg

Eithne Harte (W35/-55kg): Total 142kg

Lisa Kierans (W40/-55kg): Snatch 53kg, C&J 75kg & Total 128kg

Phil Brown (W60/-59kg): Snatch 31kg, C&J 36kg & Total 67kg

Kate Meenan (W45/-64kg): C&J 58kg & Total 103kg

Stephanie Heeran (W50/-64kg): Snatch 49kg, C&J 61kg & Total 110kg

Sharon McGee (W40/-71kg): Snatch 54kg, C&J 68kg & Total 122kg

Naomi Ross (W45/-71kg): Snatch 34kg, C&J 42kg & Total 76kg

Eimear O’Neill (W50/-71kg): Snatch 39kg, C&J 58kg & Total 97kg

Lucinda Moore-Fox (W60/-71kg): C&J 44kg & Total 74kg

Donna McDonough (W50/-76kg): Snatch 40kg, C&J 55kg & Total 95kg

Shauna B Keane (W40/-81kg): Snatch 43kg, C&J 54kg & Total 97kg

Suzy McElwaine (W45-87kg): Snatch 36kg, C&J 48kg & Total 84kg

Caitriona Mills (W35/87kg+): Snatch 58kg, C&J 74kg & Total 132kg

Claire McLarnon (W40/87kg+): C&J 106kg & Total 182kg

If an athlete wishes to compete internationally and would like their result to be taken into consideration for records or ranking purposes one must contact – [email protected] before attending that said competition. The W.I. Board will then have the final say taking into consideration the level of the competition, referee standards etc.

Both Records & Ranking List will be updated after each competition and/or on a monthly bases. They can be found under the “Competitions” tab on the main page. We’d like to thank Billy Caball and Colm Brown for their fantastic work so we can finally share this information with the members.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact – [email protected]