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Masters Weightlifting Mediterranean

International Open – 2022

Venue: Athens, Greece
Dates: 26th May – 29th May, 2022

Registration:  OPEN | (1st February – 2022) / CLOSE | (31th March – 2022)

Entry Fee:  €80

Sign Up: [https://www.reventy.com/sports/event/61c08b36ebe1c/details]

We strongly advise you to complete your entry as soon as possible. A second reason is that if your entry was returned for any unforeseen circumstance there would be ample time to have it corrected and resubmitted. Please see details above and contact [[email protected]] for further details.


Phil Brown | (W60/-59kg)

Lucy Moore-Fox | (W65/-71kg)

Colm Brown | (M65/-81kg)

Claude Kelly | (M65/-96kg)

**list of current athletes entered.

(International Level Competition)

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