European Masters Championships – 2020

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European Masters Championships – 2020

Venue: Den Helder, The Netherlands

Date: 28th of November –  5th of December, 2020

** Athletes must hit qualifying standards shown here in order to compete :

We strongly advise you to complete your entry as soon as possible because entries will be closed early if a quota of 1,000 is reached. A second reason is that if your entry was returned for any unforeseen circumstance there would be ample time to have it corrected and resubmitted. Please see details above and contact [email protected] for further details.

“The decision has been made to open registration again from 15th of August to 15th of September and extend the qualification period until 15th of September 2020. The extension of the qualifying period permits all European Masters athletes to be within the 2021 WMG qualifying period.” – European Masters Chairman Bill Barton


Dawn Scott (W35/-55kg)

Nigera Zylyftari (W35/-64kg)

Michelle Curtin (W35/-64kg)

Claire McLarnon (W40/87kg+)

Kate Meenan (W45/-64kg)

Stephanie Heeran (W50/-64kg)

Lucy Moore-Fox (W60/-71kg)

Kevin D’Arcy (M35/-89kg)

Wayne Healy (M40/-67kg)

Ben Kelly (M65/-96kg)

Billy Caball (M75/-67kg)

**list of current athletes entered.

(International Level Competition)

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