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Eleiko Webinar  / (Improving Mobility with Fascial Mobilizers)

Date: 19th October – 2023
Time: (8pm – 9pm)
Venue: Online / (Eleiko Education)


Webinar Description:

Mobility has the power to either enhance or hinder performance in sport and life as well as influence our risk of injury. Many prominent strength coaches have stated that a lack of mobility is the reason why strength and performance in athletes are not maximized. This is true for everyone regardless of whether you are young, old, athlete, enthusiast, active, or inactive. Improving and maintaining mobility should therefore be an essential part of everyone’s training and programming.

The key to improving mobility is first understanding what mobility is and what it is not. Also, how the body responds to different techniques we often use and why many times what we’re told is the “best” way to improve mobility doesn’t consistently work. So how does mobility work and how does our body respond…?

We will be joined in this Eleiko Strength Talk by renowned coach, trainer, body worker, and innovator, Ian O’Dwyer, to discuss and detail all of this. Ian is a former AFL player in Australia, where he was born and raised. He is a business owner and founder of multiple Health, Fitness, and Wellness companies. His most recent endeavor is Feel SOMA, which stands for Self Osteo Myofascial Applications. Feel SOMA is a practical self-care system whose belief is that improved health and movement performance should be accessible to everyone so you can empower your body to prepare, condition, perform, recover, and re-condition effectively.

For further information please contact the WI Coaching Team : [ [email protected] ]

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