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Eleiko Webinar  / (Recovery is More Than It Gets Credit For)

Date: 13th October – 2022

Time: (6pm – 7pm)

Venue: Online / (Eleiko Education)


Webinar Description:

Stress + Recovery = Adaptation. Recovery is the critically needed counterbalance to stress ensuring improvement in performance takes place. But what is recovery and how do we get it? Most people will mention breathing, foam rolling, ice baths, etc. These are definitely ways to produce a state of recovery, but there’s so much more to recovery.

In this webinar, we will break recovery down and show how it is intimately intertwined with everything we do. With a greater understanding of recovery, you will have a greater chance of overcoming unnecessary aches, pains, and training/programming miscues.

For further information please contact the WI Coaching Team : [ [email protected] ]

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