The European Masters Championship will be a virtual championship for 2020!

Entry Fee payments must be completed by November 7th, 2020 (Saturday). Any change requests or team entries must be made to the European Masters Secretary by the same date.

Weight lifting brings more benefits than just stronger muscles and a toned body. Adding strength training to your workouts is a great way to improve your overall fitness, from burning body fat and strengthening your bones to preventing injury and making your heart healthier.

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Weight lifting increases hypertrophy, or the growth of muscle cells, says Jonathan Mike, a strength and conditioning coach and professor of exercise science and sports performance at Grand Canyon University in Arizona.

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Best of luck to all of our Irish Athletes who are competing! 

🍀 Eithne Harte (W35/-55kg)

🍀 Dawn Scott (W35/-55kg)

🍀 Claire McLarnon (W40/-87kg)

🍀 Stephanie Heeran (W50/-59kg)

🍀 Billy Caball (M75/-67kg)


About the Masters Championship

Due to the Global Pandemic, it has been decided that the European Masters Championships will be competed virtually for 2020. This is to allow the athletes to provide the standard number of Lifts on video and upload to the website to be judged by the standard number of referees as per European Championship. The IWF and IWF Masters rules will be applied with minor deviations to accommodate this kind of event.

*Change requests and team entry as well as entry fee payments can be made until November 7th, 2020 (Saturday). 

Each athlete will receive an access code by email given in the registration system to submit the videos as per rules accordingly.

European masters online virtual championship website: dates of video submission per age groups:

  • From November 10th to 17th – Age Groups: M80, M75, M70, W70, W65 & W60.
  • From November 18th to 25th – Age Groups: M65, M60, M55, M50, W55 & W50.
  • From November 26th to December 3rd – Age Groups: M45, M40, M35, W45, W40 & W35.

See the full Women and Men’s start lists below:

For more information regarding rules and demonstrations please use the link below: