WWC International Selection Policy

//WWC International Selection Policy

WWC International Selection Policy

Event: 2015 Senior World Weightlifting Championships Date: 20th-28th November 2015
Location: Houston, USA

1. Overview

This international selection policy has been created in line with Weightlifting Ireland’s aims of qualifying one male athlete & one female athlete for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Weightlifting Ireland will focus on gaining one male & one female quota place through the 2016 European Senior Weightlifting Championships.

However, attendance at the 2015 Senior World Weightlifting Championships is pivotal given the fact that IWF Olympic qualification guidelines require an athlete to have competed in at least two of the events listed below in order to be eligible for Rio 2016 selection:

  • –  2014 Commonwealth Games
  • –  2014 IWF World Championships
  • –  2014 IWF Grand Prix(s)
  • –  2015 IWF Junior World Championships
  • –  2015 Pacific Games
  • –  2015 IWF World Championships
  • –  2015 IWF Grand Prix(s)
  • –  2016 European Championships
  • –  2016 IWF Grand Prix(s)

2. Eligibility

To be considered for selection for the 2015 Senior World Weightlifting Championships, athletes must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid Irish passport or hold residency for a minimum of 3 years in the Island of Ireland.
  • In the case of multiple citizenship, the athlete must not have represented another country within a twelve month period.Be a current member of Weightlifting Ireland, and be in good standing with Weightlifting Ireland and/or its affiliated bodies or partners.
  • Be compliant with the Weightlifting Ireland anti-doping procedures.
  • Be aged fifteen years or older in 2015.
  • Have achieved the relevant Weightlifting Ireland qualification standard during the outlined qualification period (see Part 3 below).
  • Have competed in one of the following three competitions; 2014 National Senior Championships, 2014 National Club Championship or FQE March 2015,
  • Attend at least one of the designated preparatory High Performance Squad Sessions for the World Championships.

3. Qualification*

Qualification Period: January 1st 2015 – September 13th 2015


*Should an athlete not achieve the above standards Weightlifting Ireland may still select a lifter in order to positively serve the purpose of Olympic qualification, providing the athlete has clearly shown the ability to comfortably open at the minimum standard.

4. Fitness & Selection/Deselection

Weightlifting Ireland reserve the right to deselect a qualified athlete if it is deemed that the athlete cannot show a satisfactory level of fitness in the run-up to an event. Fitness will be monitored during designated High Performance Squad Sessions & at competitions. Following qualification for an international event Weightlifting Ireland will monitor form, injury, body weight changes & commitment to ensure that the qualified athlete(s) is performing at a satisfactory level.

5. Responsibilities

Upon being selected for the World Championships, athletes will be required to:

  • –  Sign a ‘Code of Conduct Contract’ & ‘Squad Member Agreement’
  • –  Where possible, wear Weightlifting Ireland apparel at High Performance Squad Sessions & at international events
  • –  Take all necessary steps to ensure the performance committee are informed in advance of reasonable requests for absence at High Performance Squad Sessions & at international events, e.g. injury, illness, personal obligations
  • –  Refrain from making public announcements about selection until after an official Weightlifting Ireland press release has taken place

6. Selection Panel

The selection panel will be chaired by the Weightlifting Ireland Performance Director and will also include two other High Performance Committee members. All conflicts of interest will be declared and in the event of a conflict, the chairperson will decide whether or not the conflicted individual can take part in the selection discussion.

A conflicted individual will not be permitted to vote. Depending on the severity of the conflict, the chair may ask that the conflicted party refrain from discussion while that order of business is conducted. Decisions made will then be presented before the Weightlifting Ireland Board before being released to the public.

7. Appeals

Athletes have the right to their non-selection or de-selection in accordance with “WI Selection Appeals Policy”. A copy can be obtained from our website: www.weightliftingireland.com


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