Weightlifting Ireland Rules and Regulations

Weightlifting Ireland membership applications may take up to 7 days to process from time of purchase, should any membership be found to be ineligible due to terms and conditions below, it will be refunded immediately.

Core Documents

Weightlifting Ireland Constitution & Memorandum

Operational Policies

00. General Forward

01. Ethics and Child Safeguarding

02. Anti-Doping

03. Complaints

04. Health & Safety

05. Supplements

06. Vetting Bill & Compliance

07. Communications Policy

08. Monitoring of the Board

By-Laws and Job Descriptions
By-Laws of the Federation
Role of The President
Role of The Secretary
Role of The Treasurer
Role of The CPO
Role of The CPD
Role of Licensing 

Operations and Management 
Operational Plan
Tutors Charter