Weightlifting Ireland have partnered with Galway Physio Clinic to put together the following “Return to Training – Guidelines” document & warm up/exercise video for all our members & clubs!

With gyms about to reopen on June, 7th we wanted to offer as much support to our members – both athletes & coaches as they return to training. Weightlifting requires adequate joint mobility and stability. Together these facilitate the requisite neuromuscular control to safely execute technical lifts.

If you are returning to train after some time off, your goal should be to: RESTORE – RECONDITION – REBUILD.

Please review our Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model here: [https://weightliftingireland.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Athlete-Development-Model.pdf]

Please read, download & share the following document to learn more about the three phases mentioned above. You will also see a sample warm up that you can utilise as an athlete or coach (adapt to suit your specific mobility, stability & technical needs). Enjoy the process!

If you’d like to learn more please register for our “Club Webinar” that will be hosted next Thursday – June, 3rd. For more information check our events post here: [https://weightliftingireland.com/event/club-webinar/]

Download here: [Return to Training (Guideleines) PDF]

YouTube: [Return to Training – 2021 | (VIDEO)]