Last August, with the help of our volunteers and coaches we launched the inaugural Weightlifting Ireland National Youth Summer Camp. The camp was a great success and the start of something positive for our under-age development members. This summer camp included a combination of – Weightlifting (Snatch & Clean & Jerk), Gymnastics (core & gymnastics skills), Plyometrics (jumping) and Track testing (sprints).

The aim of this event was to encourage participation and inclusion within Irish Youth weightlifting. It was also a pathway to commence the process of gathering data. We plan to use this data to monitor the growth and development of this sector. We’d like to thank all the participants, coaches and volunteers who helped on the day.

Weightlifting for Youths in Ireland is still at it’s fundamental stages. We want to give the children the opportunity to meet and connect with others from across the country. In order to grow the sport in Ireland, under-age development programmes like this one will become a regular fixture yearly.

Lastly, like to thank Mullingar Weightlifting Club for hosting the event. Along with Mullingar Harriers Athletic Club for the use of their track and long jump sand pit.