Local & Regional competitions 2017

//Local & Regional competitions 2017

Local & Regional competitions 2017

At a recent Board meeting, a new competition structure was decided for 2017 for local and regional competitions.

The aim for this proposal is to increase the number of competitions available to Weightlifting Ireland members and to incentivise Weightlifting Ireland affiliated Clubs to organise competitions in their area.

All competitions in 2017 will be run on this basis, excluding National Senior, Junior, Youth & Club Championships, and the four Provincial Championships

(For venues hosting National & Provincial Championships, Weightlifting Ireland will negotiate a fee on a case by case, depending on the facility provided and the expenses incurred by Weightlifting Ireland).


Increasing the participation and standard of competition in the sport is Weightlifting Ireland’s core goal. Competition is at the heart of this – without competition as an incentive (however far off) members are exercising, not competing.

The biggest barrier to increasing competition numbers at present is the lack of competition opportunities.

The primary reason for this is that a small number of volunteers organise and run most of the competitions in the competition calendar, and these volunteers also have numerous other roles within the running of Weightlifting Ireland.

As a result Weightlifting Ireland is struggling to provide enough competitions to servie its current membership and cannot provide enough competition spaces to grow the sport.

New structure

Weightlifting Ireland has set minimum standards (detailed in the Venue Application form) for the Health & Safety standards required for clubs to apply to run competitions sanctioned by WI at local level.

Once the Venue Application form has been submitted (email to Governance@weightliftingireland.com) and approved, the venue is approved as a suitable Weightlifting Ireland venue for the calendar year.

The organiser should then apply to the Board to either a) run a competition currently listed on the Weightlifting Ireland website or b) a new competition not listed on the calendar.

Once the venue and date are approved, an entry fee will be agreed with Weightlifting Ireland for entry to the competition:

  • The minimum fee for Seniors is €20, maximum €30
  • The minimum entry fee for Youth/Junior/Over 65 is €15, maximum €25
  • All competitions must have 5% of places reserved under the ‘Inability to pay’ clause*

All entries will be processed through Weightlifting Ireland’s bank account; 80% of the entry fee will be paid to the organiser once all minimum standards are met, including but not limited to:

  • All health & safety standards are met
  • IWF certified bars & plates are used
  • Only Weightlifting Ireland members are permitted to compete
  • Certificates are provided for 1st – 3rd place
  • Qualified and licensed referees adjudicate
  • Only licenced coaches and officials are permitted in the warm-up area, weigh-in rooms etc
  • Results are provided to Weightlifting Ireland within 5 working days

The organiser will also be responsible for any ancillary cost, including but not limited to; the hiring of chairs where necessary; transport of any Weightlifting Ireland equipment to be used to & from the storage facility; referees travel expenses where necessary etc.

Benefit to members & Clubs

  • It is hoped that this new structure will result in a greater number of competition opportunities for members
  • From this the goal is to increase participation in the sport and as a result increase Club membership
  • The fee structure means that if a Club does not have a facility which meets the minimum standard, they have the possibility of renting out a venue for the day which would meet the standard, hiring and/or transporting equipment etc, without making a loss.
  • The above model has worked well in the US and in the 2012-2014 period alone USAW competitive membership increased by 300%.


*athletes may apply to Weightlifting Ireland in confidence  for these subsidised places by emailing secretary@weightliftingireland.com



  1. Niall Counihan November 7, 2017 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    My name is Niall Counihan im 28 and im an s*c coach from Limerick.

    Im looking to compete at weightlifting some time in 2018 and I just don’t know where to begin.
    My liftimg experience would be of that of a track amd field s&c program but having retired from athletics earlier this year Id love to try weightlifting.
    Im 84kg and snatch 70kg comfortably and clean an jerk 120kg.

    Im jyst wondering how to get involved.

    • Luke Kelly November 7, 2017 at 5:41 pm - Reply

      Hi Niall. The schedule of competitions for next year will be going up by the end of this month. Should be vastly similar to last year. If you would like to compete you must be a member of weightlifting Ireland and also pay an entry fee for the competition. Both can be found on the website.

      Hope that helps in some way. If you like anything else don’t hesitate to ask

      Kind regards


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