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Youth/Junior & U23 National Championships – 2020

Venue: Capital Strength Weightlifting Club


The National Age-Grade Championship Weekend will be postponed after the announcement last night by government to move the entire country to Level 3.A new date and/or alternative competition format will be announced within the coming weeks. All athletes and coaches will receive an email from the competition director within the next 24 hours. We appreciate your understanding and are hopeful this event will take place as it is the last National level event yet to run this year.

CLOSING DATE: 9th October, 2019 @ 9:30pm / or if FULLY booked.

SIGN UP LINK: https://bit.ly/3bJIXwv

*Please Note: No spectators will be allowed enter. Only one parent of an U18s athlete will be allowed to attend. Strict HSE and Sport Ireland COVID-19 Safety protocols will apply.

-This event will take place on the 24h & 25th of October subject to Government, HSE and Sport Ireland COVID 19 guidelines-

* Coach must be a registered Level 1 coach and a member of WI.
** If Athlete U18, Coach must be National Vetted.
*** These are minimum requirements to gain access to the field of play.



Competition Guidelines

  • The competition will run over two days as a publicised National Age Grade Championship Weekend.

  • Athletes who have signed up prior to September, 24th – your place is secure at the Youth/Junior & U23’s Championships.

  • All new competitors who enter will be streamed based on i). ability (entry total) and ii). experience competing in the sport of weightlifting.

  • If any member signs up and they do not have experience of competing in the sport of Weightlifting in the last 24 months they will compete in a Development Group run as part of the National Championship weekend.

  • Athletes in this group will not be competing for National Championship medals or for National Records but will be eligible for medals based on the consistency of their performance (4/6, 5/6 & 6/6 performances).

  • Any athlete with experience of competing with another IWF recognised Weightlifting NGB and who also fulfill the criteria laid out in the Weightlifting Ireland Technical Rules published in March to qualify as an Irish athlete shall be eligible to compete for medals as part of the National Championships.

  • Where an athlete or coach feels that the exceptional circumstances of this year means that they would otherwise have been a legitimate contender and they can show membership history, training history etc they can make an appeal to the board to be entered into the Youth/Junior & U23’s Championships. This appeal will be adjudicated quickly by a 3 person subcommittee with no conflicts of interest who are appointed by the board.

(National Level Competition)

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