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European Masters Championships – 2021

Venue: Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Date: 15th – 23rd of October, 2021

Competition Venue:

Sporthal De Meent
Terborchlaan 301
1816 MH Alkmaar

Registration:  OPEN | (1st June – 2021) / CLOSE | (15th August – 2021)

Entry Fee:  €130

Sign Up: [https://www.masterswlreg.com/]

QF Totals: [https://weightliftingireland.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/European-Masters-QFT-2021.pdf]

*Entry fees must be paid to the National Masters Chairs before the registration “access code”’ can be given to athletes for sign up.

We strongly advise you to complete your entry as soon as possible. A second reason is that if your entry was returned for any unforeseen circumstance there would be ample time to have it corrected and resubmitted. Please see details above and contact [email protected] for further details.



**list of current athletes entered.

(International Level Competition)

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