What is the coaching pathway?

The coaching pathway is the road ahead for our coaches, it creates a map of where you start your coaching journey, and the different milestones you’ll pass along the way. The weightlifting Ireland course is the only accredited course within Ireland for the sport of weightlifting.

All courses are aligned to Sport Ireland’s national coaching pathway, where coach education, quality of education and development opportunities for our coaches is paramount.

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Level 1  

LTADP: L1-L3 (Active start, Fundamentals, Learning to train)  

Level 1 (Assistant Coach)


Level 1 courses form the foundation of all our coaching journeys. As with all weightlifting NGB’s, this is your assistant coach qualification.

What Experience Do I need?  

Applicants must be over 18 and should have a basic knowledge of weight training

There are no prerequisites to the level 1 course, however a basic understanding of weightlifting is an advantage.

Working alongside weightlifting Ireland Licensed coaches, you will be able to gain valuable insight into the process of coaching weightlifting.

You’ll learn to combine the science behind the movements, as well as improve the art of delivery to get the best from your athletes.

This qualification is for those new to coaching and is your first step into weightlifting coaching

What will I Learn?

  • You will learn the fundamental movements of the Olympic lifts Organisation and management skills for athlete development
  • Assessing and addressing common faults in weightlifting movements, Evaluation and Planning
  • Fundamental program design
  • Coaching methods and adult learning principles
  • Fundementals of Sports Coaching
  • Health and Safety and athlete care
  • The snatch, The Clean and The Jerk
  • Assistance exercises

What does this qualification provide?

The certification will give you an accredited, recognised qualification for weightlifting, recognised by Irelands National Governing Body

You will have access to coaching resources and mentoring from licensed clubs and coaches

You will be able to access squad sessions, coaching workshops and events organised by Weightlifting Ireland

How is the Course Delivered and assessed?

The course is delivered by Weightlifting Ireland tutors, certified by the Coaching Ireland Development Pathway, and accredited by Sport Ireland / Coaching Ireland.

Duration: 70 hours, comprising of a minimum 24 hours course contact time, 30 hours internet lectures and course material. 16 Hours Logbook procedures and practical coaching.

Course contact time will be over a minimum of 3 Days. With a full range of online tutorials as well as logbook tasks and the Sport Ireland Real Winner On-line Quiz.

Participants will be asked to prepare a log book (8 session program and log) showing their implementation and evaluation skills as part of the course content. National vetting is also required.

On the final day, there will be a practical examination.

Participants receive access to full online blended learning resources and materials to guide their learning throughout the course, this includes information on all assessments, coach resources and more  (Full Information)

Cost: €300 including all materials and assessments

Level 1 Licensed Coach

What’s next?

This is for coaches who wish to gain access to Weightlifting Ireland competitions and training events and for coaches who wish to be considered for coach education and coach development positions.

After completing the level 1 coach course, you will be able to update your coach qualification to a full licensed coach through our licensing process.

This comes with several benefits to you and your club once you complete all licensing requirements:


  • WI Level 1 Coach Course

Course Content

  • Licensing information
  • Athlete screening
  • Anti-doping: licensing information and athlete management


  • Athlete Screening
  • First Aid certification (submission)
  • Referee theory examination


  • Fully online materials and module completion
  • Through club licensing all your club members will get an automatic 50% discount on their own membership
  • 2 Year renewal period for your qualification
  • Access to WI equipment grants
  • Eligible for International Coach selection
  • Social media publicity for athletes and club
  • Listed in our Find a club section
  • Access to field of play and
  • development and selection potential for international events

Cost: €50 including all materials and assessments    Book Now

Level 2  

Level 2 Coach

LTADP: L4-5(Train to train, Train to compete)


What’s next?

This is for coaches who have completed their Level 1 coach license wish to progress to a senior or club coach. The club coach is a coach who can mentor new coaches, train athletes to higher levels of performance and develop their club and team structures to support different levels of athlete and participant.

The level 2 course covers two key areas of coaching (1) Participation and (2) Performance


  • Level 1 Licensed Coach
  • Minimum 6 months, to 1 years experience as a licensed coach

Course Content

  • Weightlifting specific considerations for long term athlete development
  • Performance Testing
  • Periodisation for athlete training and programming
  • Technical models of weightlifting: athlete specific considerations
  • Weightlifting for adolescents
  • Weightlifting for athletic performance
  • Business and management for weightlifting gyms


  • Athlete Screening
  • Risk assessment and Safety guidelines
  • 12 month program overview
  • Detailed program (1 mesocycle)
  • Athlete performance testing
  • Referee Full Examination


  • Education and training on running a performance and participation facility
  • Supplier discount through the weightlifting Ireland development and grants program
  • Coach Selection eligibility for senior international competitions
  • Eligibility to host and run WI coaching events and earn revenue

Cost: €400 including all materials and assessments